The Christian donation, together with church and members will arrive at where they need us

The work of the Christian church is essential in society since its tasks are centered on two primordial elements. The first of these is to become the spiritual guide of the lives of people, both those who have already received Christ and those who do not yet know him or who have forgotten him for some reason, it is where he becomes important the evangelizing mission. Second, and in their concern for human beings, the church seeks to help those in need, regardless of the condition or why they came to the situation in which they find themselves. With this in mind, they usually create specific programs or areas of attention according to the requirements of the communities.

There is always someone around us that needs to be offered a hand and that is where the church and the Christians should be present.

The churches have the appropriate mechanisms to build these bridges, to bring the word of Christ to all who feel abandoned or without exit, to contribute to improving the lives of the needy. However, being non-profit organizations that do not receive income or have budgets assigned, they do not have the financial funds to put them into practice.

The only way in which they can finance evangelizing and charitable works is through the active participation of their members, who through christian donation make it possible to bring the work of the church to the unprotected or needy.

This is where Christian donation makes sense, understood not only as the contribution of money, which is important but also in the willingness for voluntary work and the transmission of knowledge. All Christian donation are necessary, each according to its possibility.

It should not be forgotten that joint work, as a church of the Lord, is what will allow the love of Christ and charity to reach any corner where it is required.